12 days

 Enjoy unique experiences TRIP HIGHLIGHTS

  • Drive a Ferrari (if required) and visit the Ferrari museum
  • Have a dinner while navigating on the Tiber
  • See how parmisan cheese is made in Bologna region
  • See how glass jewels are made
  • Cook with an authentic Italian mamma
  • Taste the best Italian wines and olive oil
  • Stay in some of the most luxurious palaces in the world

The most beautiful cities of Italy TRIP AT A GLANCE

  • (Day 1): The eternal city of Rome -Welcome to Italy
  • (Day 2): Wanders of the past: Coliseum, the Roman Forum, Palatine hill
  • (Day 3): Deep Rome: Trevi Fountain, Square of Spagna, Vatican city
  • (Day 4): Shopping and go-to Florence-
  • (Day 5): Magnificence of Florence
  • (Day 6): Florence-Pharmacy Santa Maria Novella, the Uffizi Gallery
  • (Day 7): Relish an Excursion into the Tuscan Countryside: Chianti and Siena
  • (Day 8): Discovering Bologna
  • (Day 9): Ferrari museum- Parmigiano reggiano factory
  • (Day 10): Bologna-transfer to Venice
  • (Day 11): Romantic Venice-Murano Island
  • (Day 12): Transfer to Rome – Depart from Rome airport

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Bologna Food Tour electa travels

(Day 1) Ciao Italia
Arrive in Rome- A private car will take you from the airport  to your sensational hotel located in one of the more exclusive area of the city.
After you check in, you’ll have the rest of day free to explore the city on your own. Immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant energy and do as the Romans do! Enjoy the moment. Fun-loving and friendly, Romans have a gift for enjoying life! Experience “la dolce vita” as the Italians call the “sweet life.”

(Day 2) Coliseum, the Roman Forum, Palatine hill.
This is your second day in Rome and already the city enchants you, filled with stunning palaces, remarkable history and elegant decor. The contact with the eternal city will transport you back to the days of the Caesars and the Roman legions as you visit, The Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. You will have the sensation that you can easily spend a lifetime and never see it all. Your personal guide will be happy to give exhaustive information about the past and present traditions of Romans.
At evening you have plenty of choice for your dinner: a characteristic trattoria for eating carbonara spaghetti, a starred restaurant for delight your palate or enjoying the “happy hour appetizer”.

(Day 3) Trevi Fountain, Square of Spain /Vatican
After a rich breakfast and some perfumed cappuccino, you will walk through Trevi square and listen to charming music play over the tranquil bubbling waters of the Trevi Fountain. The fountain is a true wonder, a jewel of water and stone that is nestled between the palaces of the historic centre of the city.
You can already hear its presence from the nearby streets. Indeed, as you get nearer the sound of its gushing waters grows constantly more intense, reaching a crescendo in the square, where you will find the most breathtaking sight.
In the afternoon you’ll take a tour of the Vatican City. Your tour includes an in-depth introduction to the Vatican art collection as well as the awe-inspiring architecture of St. Peter’s Basilica. By the time you reach the Sistine Chapel, you’ll have the context to truly appreciate the cultural and artistic climate that allowed Michelangelo to create the remarkably detailed and beautiful “Last Judgment” ceiling painting. The tour concludes with a visit to the breathtakingly immense Saint Peter’s Basilica, the vast church that is the symbolic heart of Catholicism. Upon leaving Saint Peter’s Basilica, you will emerge onto the site where the Pope makes his appearances before the crowds: Saint Peter’s Square, an immense piazza that was designed by Bernini. An unforgettable dinner on the Tiber river will make you love the romance of Rome by night. Witness unparalleled views of some of the city’s most famous monuments, such as St Peter’s Basilica and Castel Sant’Angelo, illuminated against the inky Roman sky.

(Day 4) Shopping and go (to Florence)
This morning is yours to enjoy the small street and big boulevards of the Roman shopping: via Condotti, via Borgognona, via Frattina will seduce you with their local and international brands.
In the afternoon you will reach Termini station for boarding your first- class carriage that will bring you in Florence in less than 2 hours.

(Day 5) Dicovering Florence
Florence is considered an open air museum! The centre of the city is contained in medieval walls that were built in the 14th century to defend the city. At the heart of the city, in Piazza della Signoria, there is the Bartolomeo Ammanati’s Fountain of Neptune (1563–1565), which is a masterpiece of marble sculpture at the terminus of a still functioning Roman aqueduct. Perfectly preserved historic city, Florence has allowed art and culture to flourish since the 14th century. The city’s wealth from the cloth and trading industries allowed the Renaissance to begin here. A stroll through Florence takes you back in time. Begin with the Duomo, the city’s most important cathedral that is a marvel of architectural engineering. After this awe-inspiring tour, enjoy a coffee espresso or gelato at the hopping Piazza Signoria, also a great place for people watching. You can continue your walking tour along the picturesque Arno River until you reach the Ponte Vecchio, which translates to “old bridge” in English. The bridge is filled with ancient gold and silver shops that have not changed their design in centuries. For dinner, be sure to try the most famous Tuscan specialty, the excepional “fiorentina” meat—best enjoyed with a carafe of Chianti wine.

(Day 6) Pharmacy Santa Maria Novella, Uffizi Gallery
The oldest pharmacy in the world. When you come indoor you will experience the 400 year old store. What started with a pharmacy based on products from the monastery herbal garden is now producer of handmade exclusive perfumes, creams&balms, oils, candles, scented flowers etc – all based on herbal recipes.

The “Galleria degli Uffizi” is one of the most famous museums in the world given the rich amount of unique artworks and masterpieces conserved within its walls, the majority from the Renaissance period.
Located in the heart of Florence, the Uffizi Gallery hosts works of art by great Italian artists such as Botticelli, Giotto, Cimabue, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Raffaello, just to name a few of the most famous. Its large collection has works from all centuries but a large part dates back to the periods between the 12th and 17th centuries.

(Day 7) Chianti-Siena
This morning, you’ll take a trip to the Tuscan countryside for an interactive culinary adventure! The best opportunity to learn, enjoy and get in tune with the real Tuscan food is definitely participate in a cooking class organized in an agritourism farm.
You will spend a few hours in joy, drinking a glass of excellent Chianti Classico wine and preparing, around the wood stove, some of the most typical recipes of Tuscany and chianti.
All this happens in a family environment; the dishes are prepared in the farm kitchen trying to rediscover or learn for the first time, the old recipes of the “grandmothers” and learning at the same time what are the ingredients and the most natural methods to cook. In the afternoon you will take the opportunity to visit the wonderful city of Siena.

Day (8) Bologna
After enjoying a romantic sunrise while taking a delicious breakfast from your hotel, you will reach Santa Maria Novella train station for boarding your first- class carriage that will bring you in only one hour to Bologna, where the first European University was founded in 1088. This is one of the most vibrating Italian city where the most famous culinary products (Parmiggiano cheese, Parma ham, tortellini) and motors manufactures (Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and Ducati) meet for an exciting experience. Bologna region is filled with destinations and events dedicated to cars and motorcycles.
The area’s countless auto works, speedways, auto/motorcycle events, museums, and private collections are what make a visit to “Motor Valley” a tourist experience that’s unlike any other in the world.
Your first day starts with the visit of Piazza Maggiore and goes on Climbing to the top of Torre Asinelli .The tower, built at the end of the 11th century, is the symbol of Bologna along with the leaning Garisenda, rising next to it. It’s 498 steep and narrow steps to the top, but the view over the red roofs of Bologna and the surrounding green hills is worth it. Visit the Museum of the History of Bologna. Housed inside Palazzo Pepoli, the old residence of one the most important families in medieval Bologna, this museum traces the entire history of Bologna, from the Etruscan settlement known as Felsina to Roman Bononia to the height of its power during the Middle Ages and on through modern times.
Finish off the day with an aperitivo at one of the many bars of the city center. Do as the Bolognese do, order a spritz, a drink made with Prosecco and Aperol (a bitter variant is made with Campari instead of Aperol). Remember you have full access to the rich buffet, usually laid out around 7 pm

Day (9) Ferrari Museum- Parmigiano Reggiano Factory
If cars are your passion, this is the right place. At only 40 minutes away from Bologna you can both visit the Ferrari museum and “Motor Valley,” where every driving experience becomes memorable: you can take the wheel of a sports car like the Ferrari 438 Italia, the Ferrari 599 Fiorano, the Lamborghini Superleggera or the Ferrari California. With one of Ferrari guides at your side, you can wrap your hands around the steering wheel of the car you’ve always dreamed of!

In the afternoon you will visit the Parmigiano Reggiano factory. Seeing the traditional processing techniques of Parmigiano Reggiano is an experience that fascinates people of all ages. Owners of the dairies which produce Parmigiano Reggiano are looking forward to meeting you and showing you the master cheese-makers at work on the traditional craft of turning milk into Parmigiano Reggiano, a unique way of seeing the culture of the region and discovering how one of the most important local products is born.

Day (10) Bologna-Venice
The last morning in Bologna  you will visit the building that hosted the Jesuit novitiate nowadays has its seat the Pinacoteca Nazionale (National Art Gallery) of Bologna: one of the most important museum collections in Italy. The work here kept trace the history of the art in this region from the XIII to the XIX century. You can see painting of artists as Raffaello, Carracci, Reni and other personalities connected to Bologna. The first core of this museum was a donation made by Monsignor Francesco Zambeccari: then during the years, thanks to donations of private citizens, acquisitions and legacies, this Pinacoteca has become one of the most appreciated and known in Italy and Europe. The museum has thirty exposition rooms and spaces dedicated to temporary exhibitions and didactic activities. The Pinacoteca besides exposing, preserves, keeps and studies the artistic patrimony of the city of Bologna and of all the Emilia Romagna region.
In the afternoon you will reach the train station for boarding your first- class carriage that will bring you in Venice in less than 2 hours.
Welcome to Venice. place where the sea, land and sky come together as in no other place on earth, Venice can be overwhelmingly beautiful. Transfer to one of the most beautiful hotel in the world with view on the lagoon and dinner close to Piazza San Marco.

(Day 11) Enjoying the lagoon-Murano island
Standing in the middle of the magnificent piazza San Marco is an experience in itself: Napoleon referred to it as the ‘drawing room of Europe’. When you reach St. Mark’s Basilica, you find one of the most recognizable churches in the world, filled with 45,639 square feet of gold mosaics decorating the domes and the walls. Doge’s Palace, once Venice’s political and judicial hub; and Torre dell’Orologio, a clock tower built between 1496 and 1506, that are, not just the square’s, but some of the city’s main attractions.
No trip to Venice would be complete without a punt down one of the city’s picturesque waterways in an iconic gondola.
Later on, in 10 minutes travel you will reach Murano Island on a typical vaporetto. This is a Glassmaker’s Paradise Since 1291, a tiny Venetian island which has been the home of Venice’s glassmaking industry. Glass production was moved to Murano Island from the main part of Venice because its production posed quite a fire hazard. You will take a private tour of some of the glass-making houses that still call Murano Island their home and do some shopping along the way.
The lagoon city has a long and glorious culinary tradition based on fresh seafood. A writhing, glistening variety of sea creatures swims from the stalls of the Rialto and Chioggia markets into local kitchens. Going with the flow of la cucina veneta requires a certain spirit of openminded experimentation. Not everybody has eaten granseola (spider crab) before, or garusoli (sea snails) or canoce (mantis shrimps), but Venice is definitely the place to try these marine curios.

(Day 12) Arrivederci Italia
After breakfast you will walk through the labyrinthine streets that range from wide avenues to narrow alleyways.
Soon your private transfer will meet you at your hotel and escort you to the airport for your flight home.

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