8 days

 Apulia Tour


  • Discover Trulli in Alberobello
  • Enjoy a wonderful massage in a cave converted in a SPA
  • Be amazed by the wonderful prehistoric city of Matera
  • Visit the Castellana caves
  • Ride a private boat
  • Marvels of Lecce
  • Relax in the Gallipoli
  • Cooking lesson
  • Olive oil and wine tasting
  • Beautiful beaches and exceptional landscapes
  • Savor regional specialties


  • (Day 1) Bari
  • (Day 2) Bari-Trani- Castel Del Monte
  • (Day 3) Matera-Alberobello- Grotte di Castellana
  • (Day 4) Ostuni- Brindisi
  • (Day 5) Lecce
  • (Day 6) Santa Maria di Leuca- Otranto
  • (Day 7) Gallipoli
  • (Day 8) Bari-return home

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(Day 1): Bari

Ciao Italia

—Welcome to Bari, the main city of Apulia region. A private transfer will escort you to your boutique hotel in downtown. Take this afternoon to unwind and discover the old part of the city. Covering the narrow peninsula adjacent to the port, Bari Vecchia is an atmospheric labyrinth of tight, uneven alleyways. Squeezed into this small area are 40 churches and more than 120 shrines. This district is famous throughout Italy for its mazelike effect

Enjoy a welcome dinner.

What is included: Dinner, accommodation, private transport.

(Day 2)  Bari-Trani- Castel Del Monte

After a delicious breakfast, you will visit the most interesting attractions of the city such as the well preserved city center, the Svevo castle, the cathedral and its museum. In the afternoon you will join a small village in the countryside where in a family environment you will learn how to prepare traditional tasty dishes of Apulia region. Enjoy the dinner you have prepared with the help of a local chef.

What is included: Accommodation, breakfast, cooking lesson with dinner, transport, private guide.

(Day 3) 

This morning the unique and ancient cave-city of Matera, famous for its sassi (stone houses carved out of the caves and cliffs) will enchant you. At first sight, the sassi appear as a jumble of faded stone huts – where narrow alleys and stairways lead every which way and streets are sometimes rooftops – but behind the house-like facades are simple caves, inhabited since Paleolithic times.

Later you will be escorted at Grotte di Castellana, one of the most important attractions of Puglia. These caves began to form about 90 million years ago. The tour winds along a distance of 3 km, a unique guided tour of the caves to more than 60 meters deep in an amazing scenario made of stalactites, stalagmites, concretions, incredible shapes, fossils, canyons and caves with fantastic names.

Few miles away the village of Alberobello will seduce you with its trulli. The trulli are remarkable examples of drywall construction, a prehistoric building technique still in use in this region. They are made of roughly worked limestone boulders collected from neighboring fields. Characteristically, they feature pyramidal, domed or conical roofs built up of corbelled limestone slabs.

—What is included: Accommodation, breakfast, dinner, transport, private guide.

(Day 4) Ostuni- Brindisi

Ostuni is one of the most stunning cities in southern Italy famous for the dazzling effect of its whitewashed houses. It is a genuine and charming example of Mediterranean architecture.

The city is a series of levels, staircases, small roads, alleys, and arches. Hints of the middle ages are at hand in every corner, in every view to the sea, in the portal of a palace, in the walls of a convent or the front of a church.

The brightness of its whitewashed houses, set against the pink-tinged brown of its principal monument, makes the town stand out in the green of the surrounding area. In the afternoon you will discover Brindisi and its red castle. Located on the Adriatic coast, the city lies between two deep charmed channels. Do not miss the beautiful San Giovanni Church. Few miles away lies an important WWF oasis, an ideal habitat for snipes, wild ducks, nightingales and amphibian species.

—What is included: Accommodation, breakfast, dinner, transport, private guide.

(Day 5) Lecce

Built on the site of the ancient Roman town of Lupiae, Lecce was ruled by Byzantines, Lombards, Saracens and Normans. Nicknamed “the Baroque Florence”, the town offers a profusion of incredibly decorative buildings. Because of the soft limestone that’s easy to work, Lecce became the center for the ornate architecture called the Barocco Leccese and the city is filled with Baroque monuments. The historic center is compact making it a great place for walking and its restaurants offer abundant fine food typical of Puglia. Enjoy the great Roman amphiteatre and all monuments you will meet at each corner, visit the historical railway museum. Relax in Saint Oronzo square while drinking a fresh lemon granita

—What is included: Accommodation, breakfast, dinner, transport, private guide.

(Day 6) Otranto-Santa Maria di Leuca

Situated few miles away from Lecce, along the marvelous crystal clear waters of the Adriatic, Otranto is a gem of a town and a wonderful destination with a bustling seafront area and many architectural jewels such as the Castello Aragonese and the cathedral.

Enjoy the seaside promenade with its good gelaterias, restaurants with the freshest of the fresh seafood, lively bars with great views of the sea, and a picturesque harbor. Streets are lined with shops selling brightly colored knick-knacks and local products, such as olive oil, wine, and baked snacks. 

In the afternoon you will reach Santa Maria di Leuca for a boat ride: you will admire breathtaking landscapes and bathe in the spectacular caves such as Soffio and Tre Porte.

—What is included: Accommodation, breakfast,  dinner, transport, private guide, private boat ride.

(Day 7) Gallipoli

Gallipoli, from the Greek Kallipolis meaning beautiful city, is a great fishing village on the coast. Relax in the old town built on a limestone island and linked to the mainland by a 16th century bridge. Discover how the best extra virgin olive oil is made and taste it on different dishes. Experience the unique relax that an old cave converted in a spa center will offer you.

—What is included: accommodation, breakfast, dinner, transport, private guide, 2 hours at SPA (massage included)

(Day 8) Bari-Return home

Your final morning in the city finds you at the delightful offerings of breakfast before your private transfer escorts you to Bari airport. You have discovered a fascinating part of Italy, appreciated its richness in art, culture and wonderful landscape. It has been a dream travel.

—What is included: breakfast, transport.

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