Urbino, the birthplace of the great painter Raphael Sanzio

Urbino, a city of peaceful inspiration, the birthplace of the great artist and painter Raphael.

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Italy has a lot of beautiful places far away from modern metropolis; a multitude of small villages hidden in the mountains where secular traditions still survive. An excellent example of what has been described is represented by the medieval city of Urbino.


Urbino is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is one of those cities where, art, history and culture have been interlaced in a unique way. Located in the beautiful and authentic region of Marche, it is famous not only because it was the centre of one of the most complete and refined expressions of the Italian Renaissance but also thanks to its extraordinary atmosphere each visitor can feel and appreciate. By visiting Urbino, you will discover a majestic city, surrounded by the walls erected by the Montefeltros in the 15th which contribute to give the city a unique charm.

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 A large number of literatures and artists gathered here, creating the most fashionable artistic landscape in the fifteenth century.

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Raphael (1483-1520), one of the most famous artists in Italy during the Renaissance, was born is Urbino in 1483. His father, a court painter for Grand Duck in Urbino is also his mentoring teacher for painting. At the age of 16, Raphael left his hometown Urbino and follow Pietro Perugino to study painting. In 1504, at the age of 21-years-old Raphael painted the famous ” Marriage of the Virgin,” also known as Sposalizio is considered a true masterpiece which has inspired many artists. It shows through the mastery of perspective the marriage of The Virgin Mary and Joseph. The beauty in this painting comes from the Virgin Mary herself and the number of suitors who wished to marry her. 

The front and back doors of temple represented in the painting are open, and through it the viewer can see a bit of the hazy, a soft mystery painted background of hills and sky.

One day, his teacher Pietro Perugino suggested him to leave Urbino and join Florence, the place for great artists. Raphael followed the advice an remained in Florence, where he was influenced by local politics, democracy and humanism, while studying the Leonardo da Vinci’ style and the human aesthetics of Michelangelo. Thanks to this stay he had the opportunity to improve his skills and became more and more matures, so that he quickly became as famous as those who inspired him.

The Marriage of the Virgin

Soon after, Raphael moved to Rome. At that time, Michelangelo was painting the ceiling fresco for Pope in Sistine Chapel. Raphael, who was 25 years old, received an invitation from the Pope who invite him to work with the finest artists in Italy. HIS knowledge of classical art led the Pope to appoint him Conservator of Antiquities and to entrust the task of making a plant of the ancient city of Rome.

In April 1520, he fell ill, a week later, the outstanding artist died. His genius after the death will always remain in his works and into the annals of human civilization. Urbino, is nowadays a city full of charms and beautiful legends.

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