Toulon, the beginning of Napoleon’s career

Toulon Shore Excursion


Born in Corsica, Napoleon was a great politician, military strategist of France in the 18th century. His legendary career began in a small town in the Mediterranean—Toulon.

Toulon Shore Excursion

Toulon is located on the Mediterranean coast. As it is the gateway to the Mediterranean in southern France, the strategic position is extremely important. In 1793, the British and European anti-French coalition forces occupied Toulon. In order to regain the strategic position of Toulon, the French Revolutionary Government organized a strong force, determined to win Toulon.


Toulon Shore Excursion

At this time, the origin of the French army responsible for the battle in Toulon was a painter. Napoleon has repeatedly made recommendations on his strategy, but every time he was rejected.  Napoleon had no choice but to write directly to Paris government, to recover what Toulon should do. The results of the complaint were unexpected; the Paris government actually stood on the side of Napoleon, the “painter” was removed from Toulon. 24-year-old Napoleon accepted the mission to save Toulon. He recruited experienced officers, soldiers, technicians and a variety of equipment in order to form a powerful artillery siege troops.


Toulon Shore Excursion

In mid-December, the French army began to attack Toulon. Napoleon concentrated all the artillery to the west coast of the harbor. Under the fierce bombardment of French army, the island’s fortifications were all destroyed; the garrison was forced to give up the frontier fortifications. Such a major battle, turned out to be a young commander of the organization, which at the time it seems difficult to convince. However, the result showed that it was this ordinary and excellent plan greatly affected and changed the outcome of the whole battle.

Toulon Shore Excursion

The siege of Toulon was the starting point of the Napoleon’s military career. This battlefield showed his excellent command and military talent. In 1794, Napoleon was appointed artillery brigadier, which was the beginning of his spectacular achievement.


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