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Among our several luxury day tours in France, you can find our Reims day trip where you will be able to visit several historical monuments.

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Your day tour in Reims with Electa Travels

Our day tour in Reims

City full of History, Reims enables you to dive into the History of France.

Among the famous monuments in Reims, you will find the Reims Notre Dame cathedral where you will be thrown back in the 15th century: crown of the kings of France, history of Jeanne of Arc… You will also be able to visit the Fine Arts Museum, built in the 18th century during the Napoleonic era.

Besides, for champagne amateurs, this day tour offers you the opportunity to learn more about the champagne making process in the most famous champagne chateaux of the region.

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Why should you choose Electa Travels for your day tour in France ?

Electa Travels offers you a custom journey in the city of your dreams, according to your demands and your preferences.

Your luxury tour operator in Southern Europe is able to offer you the best services thanks to quality suppliers and partners. For more details about our days trips in France, you can contact us via this link.

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