Reims, the Capital of Kings, the City for Champagne

Reims, the Capital of Kings, the City for Champagne.

The French Champagne region is famous all over the world thanks to its beautiful vineyards, delicious champagne and its rich history, triggering people’s infinitive reverie.

From July 2015, champagne hillside, the major champagne wineries and the ancient chalk rock cellar has become UNESCO world heritage. The ancient historic region which witnessed the story of the vicissitudes of life has been recognized by the world, becoming the mysterious palace for more and more champagne conoisseur and history lovers.

There is a small town named Hautvillers locates on the west hillside of Épernay, where is the place Dom Perignon, a monk who lived in local monastery, invented sparkling champagne accidently. In the past 100 years, the name of “Champagne” was endless abused, millions of bottles of poor quality sparkling wine marked “champagne” on their bottles. To protect the nation’s pride and champagne’s reputation, the French have played more than 700 lawsuits throughout the world to maintain the purity of the champagne. The purpose is to let everyone know – only the sparkling wine produced in Champagne region is worthy the name “Champagne”.

Besides the champagne culture, Reims is also well-known by its splendid history. Reims Notre Dame Cathedral, the gorgeous landmark building in this city, was the place for coronation of Kings of France.

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Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans, was born in 1412 in a beautiful village in Champagne Region. She is considered as a national hero of France, the military strategist and the saint of the Catholicism. During the Hundred’s Years War between France and Kingdom of England, faced of internal and external problems, France retreated ceaselessly. In October 1428, the British army entered the center of central France, Orleans, once the Orleans was broken, the France destiny was into the British hands. Joan of Arc led the French army against the British invasion, saved France and helped Charles VII to crowned in Reims Notre Dame Cathedral.

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This amazing city, together with the aroma of its champagne and history of France will immerse you in a unique experience.

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