The Mythical Sassi of Matera

Matera, the city of stone, the city of vicissitude


Matera, a city located in south of Italy, is a special destination that you cannot miss while traveling in Europe. The natural labyrinth of this magical town will make you feel the charm of history.

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Matera is built on the mountain with various narrow lanes, tunnels and labyrinthic ladders. The caves, which are considered as the world’s oldest town could date back to Paleolithic. The inhabitants transformed many caves into their homes, which become a unique grotto dwellings landscape. The most famous part of Matera is the Sassi (Stone) district, designated UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993 and the European Capital of Culture in 2019. What’s more, it is still a good place chosen by so many good films, for example “Quantum of Solace” and “The Passion of the Christ”.

Matera Day Tour

Date back to Bronze Age, new tools were invented which were convenient to dig caves, it was the beginning of establish of cave dwellings. In the third century BC, Matera was conquered by Rome, Byzantine, Lombard, Norman, Arab, Slavs and Aragon. Even thought the city experienced a lot of suffering, it still remains its primary culture. During a long time, Matera was a city connected with pain and tough because from the 12th century until the 1950s, the grotto houses were always for the poorest families.


Matera Day Tour


After the World War II, the Italian government decided to improve the living level of citizens, and ordered the residents of the old town to move to the new town. Nowadays, some of local inhabitants still live in the grotto house to show their lives in the past.

The best way to visit Matera is with a private guide. Thanks to that you can be showed the most mysterious places and famous movie scenarios. You can also take a walk and enjoy the lovely art pottery and try some local food spacilaties suche as Caciocavallo Podolico, cruschi and special local bread with stamp of the bread maker

Matera Day Tour

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