Arles the Garden of Van Gogh

Arles, the Garden of Van Gogh

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There is such a place where one of the most famous impressionist, Van Gogh, liberated his greatest genius. Here the sunshine is almost dazzling during the day; at night, the lights are like stars in the Milky Way. In this charming city, he composed more than 200 masterpieces, such as “Sunflowers”, “The starry night” and “Café terrace at night”.

1888 is an important year in the history of European art when Van Gogh decided to find the bright, strong light and colours in the south of France. Thanks to the suggestion of his friend Paul Cezanne, the artist arrives in Arles where during the next 15 months, he created amazing paintings.

Unfortunately, in the same year in December he was sent to the hospital for treatments (today’s Van Gogh space) because of mental disorders. In February 1889, in order to protect themselves more than 30 neighbours wrote to the mayor asking to prohibit Van Gogh any activities. In March, his house was seized by the police. This event was the beginning of several vicissitudes that pushed him to leave Arles.


What is the magical power of the city which makes Van Gogh so linger?  Arles is simply a beautiful city with a strong cultural atmosphere of the Provence region. Unsophisticated and natural, Arles’s folklore still preserve the original style of the nineteenth century. Moreover the magnificent relics of Roman period give this city a sense of magic. The amazing and well preserved Arenas of Arles, an ancient Roman Coliseum built in the first century adorned by two huge stages and sixty magnificent arches is the main symbol of such splendour. Standing on its top, you can enjoy a breath taking view of the whole city.

Arles Day Tour

Visiting the small town filled with cherish of Van Gogh will give you the sensation to been immersed in his paintings.


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