Seven Places that you cannot miss in French Riviera

Luxury yachts are everywhere on the blue sea; colorful towns located on the cliffs, peaceful fishing village as well as bathed in the Mediterranean sunshine. Here is French Riviera, a bright pearl in south of France.




This beautiful city is famous for its annual Cannes International Film Festival, where every inch of land penetrates with centuries of history. There is a legend about the name of this famous seaside city: Once Napoleon on the way back from Elba Island, he was camping on the sand dunes on the coast, he saw that the crowds around them were holding “cane”, that’s why this coastline city is called Cannes.

In 1834, Nice broke out of cholera; the Lord Brougham came to Cannes for taking rest, which made this small fishing village changed into a vivid town. Cannes’s beauty completely conquered Lord Brougham’s heart; he built a luxury villa here and came here for vacation every winter in the next 34 years.





The port city of Nice is the capital city of the Alpes-Maritimes department, which is only 20 kilometers from the Italian border. The city was built by the Greek sailors around 350 BC, and the origin of the name “Nice” is said to commemorate the victory goddess Nike. The magnificent hills, busy harbors and solemn monuments attract many French artists in the history. When you walk in the city, sometimes you might find special footprints made by artists.



Menton isclose to Italian border, this lovely city has a crescent-shaped bay. It is also known as the French Riviera’s warmest resort in winter. What’s more, this beautiful place is also famous for its citrus trees and the annual winter lemon festival. In the last festival, about 140 tons of lemon and oranges were embedded in the frame, molded into many special sculptures throughout the town. Once you walk in the city, you will enchanted by the smooth fragrance if lemon.



The port town of Antibes was called Antipolis, it was originally built as a Greek trade site and later was governed by King Louis XI in the 15th centuries. There is a magnificent chateau named Grimaldi château in Antibes where Pablo Picasso had been stayed in 1946, until today this chateau has been preserved as a museum. What’s more, this museum also shows the collection of prehistoric fossils and other arts collected by noble families during centuries. Thanks to the excellent beach resources and rich history, Antibes has become a truly attracting town.



The town of Vance is located between Nice and Antibes, which still retains its magnificent medieval walls. When the famous writer David Herbert Lawrence learned that he had tuberculosis, he moved to south of France, where he completed his final book “Apocalypse in Vance” in 1929. Don’t miss this place when you come to French Riviera, immerse yourself in the peaceful environment of medieval city.




Grasse is located in the southeastern part of France. Because of the famous novel “perfume”, this exquisite city became well known in the world. The origin of making perfume dated back to the 17th century. At that time, the leather industry was booming in Grasse. In order to cover the smell of leather, people began to produce all kinds of perfume. Thanks to its natural environment, the soil was particularly suitable for the cultivation of roses, jasmine and other perfume raw materials, so the fragrance industry developed quickly here. Until today, Glass is still the center of the world perfume industry. From the perfume workshop in suburbs area to the flower Palace perfume factory in city center, you can find all kinds of perfume-related attractions everywhere. If you want, Electa Travels can help you make your own perfume.




Located between Monaco and Nice, Eze is a charming city full of flowers and love. Local habitants like to build their house on the cliffs, so that Eze is also known as “Eagle nest village”. According to reports, the famous philosopher Nietzsche has lived in the town of Eze from 1883 to 1886. Nietzsche is said to like to walk in the meandering mountain road and enjoy the spectacular sightseeing, which gave him inspiration for the creation of “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”. In order to commemorate him, the old city of Eze named a beautiful trail as “Nietzsche trail.”


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Barcelona, the city of Gaudi between art, folk and fun

Barcelona tour

Barcelona, a city known for its unique architectural art, has gained the Royal Gold Award of Royal Society of Architecture in 1999 because of its colorful architecture syle. Almost all the prestigious buildings in Barcelona were designed by the most talented and creasy artist – Gaudi. That is why Barcelona is also known as the city of Gaudi.

Pisa, a place of birth of truth

Pisa Day Tour
Pisa Day Tour

Pisa is an ancient city, located in the downstream of the Arno River. Thanks to its strong naval forces it was a strong town, which was as powerful as Florence and Siena. However, with blockage of the Arno River channel, the naval forces became more and more weak. Finally, Pisa reduced to an affiliated province of Florence. Despite its splendid time former glory, Pisa still offers a lot of material and spiritual testimonies to its visitors: the most famous Pisa Leaning Tower, which along with the special Baptistery and the magnificent cemetery and the amazing Cathedral which is the representative works of Roman architecture;


The Duomo & Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

Pisa is also the hometown for one of the most famous scientists Galileo, who made free fall experiment in Pisa Leaning Tower in 1590. At that time, the Europeans devoutly believe in the authority of Aristotle, regarded his false argument “the falling speed and weight of the object are proportional “as the truth. But Galileo decided to use practice to prove this theory. After the full preparation, he came up the top of the tower, facing the crowd, solemnly raised his hands, at the same time confidently released his hands. One big and one small iron balls fell down together. Surely, the two different iron balls fell to the ground at the same speed from the same height at the same time! The crowd was shocked; people surrounded Galileo, cheering the birth of a great truth!

Pisa Day Tour

It was true that Galileo overturned the wrong theory of Aristotle, but everyone wondered if the experiment was indeed done at the top of the Pisa Leaning Tower. Anyway, the controversial point of view really added the mystery and charm to this magic tower.

Pisa Day Tour


As the saying goes: “The Leaning Tower of Pisa is as strong as Pisa’ history, reputation and citizens and will never fall.” But since the beginning of measurement in 1918, the tower has an average inclination of about 1 mm per year, and its top center point has been deviated from the vertical center line nearly 5 meters. In order to save this famous building, the Italian government has taken various measures. According to different studies the Leaning Tower still has a long life, for at least the next 250 years.


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Lyon is France’s second largest city, second only to Paris. The city is crossed by two rivers, the Saone and the Rhone. In 1998, the entire historic center of Lyon was listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO. Standing on the hillside of Fourviere, overlooking the city of Lyon, you can admire the typical red roof and  enjoy both a picturesque view and a peaceful atmosphere.

On the same hill you you will find La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere which contains two churches different from each other in terms of style and decorations. Fourviere is dedicated to Virgin Mary and plays an important role in the life of Lyon’s inhabitants: it represents the highest expression of the Christianity, a symbol of protection and safety thanks to which Lyon has been saved from in the Black Death in 1643. In order to express their gratitude, at the beginning of December each year citizens will put lit candles on the windowsill to commemorate Virgin Mary. The candlelight of each family illuminates the whole city. This wonderful atmosphere is at the origin of legendary “Festival of Light”. Nowadays, this annual event attracts tourists from all over the world who come to admire professional teams showing their lighting arts.

Lyon Day Tour

Reims, the Capital of Kings, the City for Champagne.

The French Champagne region is famous all over the world thanks to its beautiful vineyards, delicious champagne and its rich history, triggering people’s infinitive reverie.

From July 2015, champagne hillside, the major champagne wineries and the ancient chalk rock cellar has become UNESCO world heritage. The ancient historic region which witnessed the story of the vicissitudes of life has been recognized by the world, becoming the mysterious palace for more and more champagne conoisseur and history lovers.

There is a small town named Hautvillers locates on the west hillside of Épernay, where is the place Dom Perignon, a monk who lived in local monastery, invented sparkling champagne accidently. In the past 100 years, the name of “Champagne” was endless abused, millions of bottles of poor quality sparkling wine marked “champagne” on their bottles. To protect the nation’s pride and champagne’s reputation, the French have played more than 700 lawsuits throughout the world to maintain the purity of the champagne. The purpose is to let everyone know – only the sparkling wine produced in Champagne region is worthy the name “Champagne”.

Besides the champagne culture, Reims is also well-known by its splendid history. Reims Notre Dame Cathedral, the gorgeous landmark building in this city, was the place for coronation of Kings of France.

Reims Day Tour

Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans, was born in 1412 in a beautiful village in Champagne Region. She is considered as a national hero of France, the military strategist and the saint of the Catholicism. During the Hundred’s Years War between France and Kingdom of England, faced of internal and external problems, France retreated ceaselessly. In October 1428, the British army entered the center of central France, Orleans, once the Orleans was broken, the France destiny was into the British hands. Joan of Arc led the French army against the British invasion, saved France and helped Charles VII to crowned in Reims Notre Dame Cathedral.

Reims Day Tour

This amazing city, together with the aroma of its champagne and history of France will immerse you in a unique experience.

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Written By Alice Cunningam

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